About Corpus Christi

The Church of Corpus Christi, St Alphonsus and St Margaret is in a residential area of Headington at the intersection of Wharton Road and Margaret Road.  The Church is thus not far from the busy centre of Headington and only a short journey from the centre of Oxford.  The Parish itself includes Old Headington, Barton, Risinghurst, Wood Farm and many villages around Wheatley.  Within the parish boundaries lie both both the house and the grave of C.S. Lewis.  Amongst its residents was also at one time J.R. Tolkien who used to be a Reader at Corpus Christi.

Nowadays the Parish is a lively community of people whose families have lived here for some time along with those who have settled in the area from all over the world. We mirror the international nature of the Church and the Parish welcomes and embraces all who come to gain strength for their journey of life. 

The Parish Office is usually open for routine business on Monday to Friday mornings until 1pm; the Parish Administrator is Leticia Da Cruz Gomes. Any members of the Parish Team can be contacted through the Parish Office.

The Parish Hall is available for hire for events and parties.