All services live-streamed from Corpus Christi.
Public Mass: Corpus Christi (Maximum 60 + 30 in hall)
It is still not permitted to gather in a large group outside.

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Sunday 25 July:
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Vigil Mass (Saturday evening) 6pm at Wheatley
Mass 9am, 11am, 6.30pm at Corpus Christi
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Monday to Wednesday, Friday: 9.15am 
Saturday 10am

Church open for Vigil Mass (for Sunday) each Saturday at 6pm

Children’s Liturgy for Corpus Christi 
This week, children are encouraged to watch CAFOD’s Virtual Children’s Liturgy, found here: you’d like to attend live (10:00am), you will need to pre-register for the event.  If you can’t join live, a recording will be available to watch afterwards. 

The Priory, Headington.   No Mass during this period.

Confessions – Please call Fr Mervyn (01865 762433) or email

Reading and Prayer of the Church for every day