Parish prepares for Mission to Oxford, 25 May – 14 June 2020

The Parish welcomed Brother Lorne, OFM Cap, from the Franciscan Community at Greyfriars and Mrs Natalie Orifice from the Diocesan Evangelization Office to talk about the mission and how we might be involved.  Br Lorne spoke about the significance of the cross to Christians and how an instrument of death had had such a profound impact on our lives through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Everybody, especially those who are have a Parish specific ministry Parish – Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, musicians – are encouraged to take part in the Mission through a number of ways of communicating faith in Jesus to neighbours and colleagues.
Br Lorne suggested that one simple but effective way to cause people to think about Christianity might be to display a car sticker in the back window of cars – an image of a crucifix as a tree in growth, with roots and spreading leaves, showing the life and growth in our Church.
Brother Lorne and Natalie Orifice distributed the stickers after Mass and engaged with parishioners over tea and coffee, hearing and suggesting ways in which they may become involved.