Live Simply Christmas – Thank you to Parishioners who donated new toys for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.  They gave a gift to light up a life!

As part of the Live Simply Christmas Project, parishioners from Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Lourdes were invited to contribute new toys for the Salvation Army Christmas collection.  This is aimed at children in the local area whose parents, often hit by austerity and relying on foodbanks, are unable to buy the Christmas gifts they would ike to give.

The collection for this Christmas has now closed.  The picture shows about a third of the toys collected which have been passed on to health visitors and social workers for families whose children will have little for Christmas.  

The collection will be repeated next year and toys and gifts will again be collected across the age range.

Over the years, millions of children and young people have benefited from gifts donated to The Salvation Army.